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     A walk through midtown Manhattan is as important as a trip to her husband’s studio or her favorite museum, Le Centre Pompidou in Paris. Her workspace is full of mementos, framed prints, and an abundance of gemstones for whichever mood Le Bris finds herself in. Her artful adornments are not simply occasional accessories, they’re handcrafted works of art bursting with as much innovation as there is.


     Pop art influence is undoubtedly evident in her creations, but Carole is equally inspired by the city that housed much of this movement. The sharp, bold edges of a golden-lit skyline; architecture as diverse and alive as what’s within.     


     An instant and constant muse to her husband, renowned artist Enoc Perez, Carole spotted herself in one of his paintings inside of the Normandie Hotel shortly after they had just met. She now evokes him in each of her pieces. Small, shining tributes to his talent and outstretched hand in the art world - specifically New York City with its Warhol, Lichtenstein, and Basquiat.

     A rare find in the industry today is jewelry designer Carole Le Bris Perez. Her spirited pieces are full of heart and are a direct result of living in a world that throbs with inspiration. The vibrant, whimsical designs spring constantly from memories and moments in her current day-to-day.influence.


     The latest assortment consists of rubies, sapphires, and diamonds as colorful as a Picasso painting in shapes inspired by his contemporaries as well as symbols - specifically the twin palms - pulled from Enoc Perez. A fresh look back and a gorgeous reworking of the past through the eyes of someone who took it all in first hand.

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